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Why we offer these services

There are a lot of Managed Service Providers out there. What makes Grace Global Different?


We have a simple philosophy: The better we do at our job, the better you do at yours, and we both win. Since Grace Global always offers unlimited support, it’s in both our organizations best interest to reduce the amount of support calls and improve general and specific reliability.


Whatever the size of the organization, companies increasingly desire to stick to their core business competencies, the functions that provide profits and competitive advantage in the marketplace. More organizations are supplementing or offloading their cloud services, helpdesk, networking, compliance, and backup requirements to experts like Grace Global.


Information Technology is what we do. Our interest is ensuring your business runs as smoothly as possible so that we operate as smoothly as possible.


Your return on sourcing to Grace Global

Companies can spend enormous sums of money on technology without realizing a return on investment (ROI). As a result, senior management demands better oversight of technology purchases with more emphasis on justifying the proposed project before allocating funds. An alternate form of cost analysis, called Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), has gained currency over the past two decades in order to show the gap between expenditures and ROI is generally more significant.


Grace Global’s pricing model is designed to eliminate that gap and reduce the expenditure to ROI timeline. Outsourcing, wholly or in part, to Grace Global, allows organizations to achieve the value for the money spent on IT.

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