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About Grace Global

For fifteen years Grace Global has existed based on a single premise: that inquiry leading to knowledge can be used to solve critical and intricate problems. We live in a complex, evolving world, and technology is a microcosm of the complexity of that evolutionary process. Each day, we strive to learn, de-construct, synthesize, and use that information in ways that improve not only our internal processes, but the processes of our clients computing infrastructure.


Our colleagues and associates are chosen for their skills of observation, capacity to listen and learn, identification, and problem solving. Our organization is designed to foster creativity, teamwork, collaboration and to evolve with new technologies and methodologies to discover long-term and effective solutions for our clients.

Grace Global Corporation's mission and business model concentrates specifically on all sizes of business enterprise non-profit, government, education, and healthcare organizations. With this focused approach on discrete market segments, Grace aligns virtually every aspect of its business to build solid relationships and partnerships to better serve its clients computing needs.

Through our capacity to manufacture, manage and support thousands of highly reliable systems, we have access to an extensive community of partners and vendors who are a part of the foundation of our client’s systems acquisition and logistical support requirement. We actively sponsor and participate in education and government initiatives, projects, and national organizations that keeps us on the leading edge of technological development and gives us a fast track to evolving best practices.

With our headquarters/Managed IT Service operations/data center and manufacturing facilities located in Salt Lake City, Utah and service centers located throughout the United States, Grace is a trusted, diversified and strategic information technology service provider. We plan, design, and provide cost-effective procurement options, manage all aspects of information technology support, provide comprehensive cloud computing, and design reliable and robust networks.


We also manufacture and manage a large portfolio of products (desktops, notebooks, workstations, servers, and server storage systems). We provide our clients, “Extended-Care” Managed Technology Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery services, cloud computing, information systems security, compliance services, and managed Office & email solutions. Our unique combination of computer systems, logistics support, and IT management takes advantage of the most current best-in–class technology while also enabling our customers to address security and compliance challenges and automate the management of IT resources across physical and virtual environments.

Grace’s successes and leadership in the computing industry is the result of a persistent focus on developing and delivering the best possible customer experience by directly selling standards-based computing products and services (stability, high performance, reliability and incomparable customer service) and supporting those services with the best technicians and engineers available.



Contact us today to find out how we can be of service to you make your technology work for you!

Grace Global Corp.

1343 S. Main Street Suite 100

Salt Lake City Utah 84115

Phone: (801) 487-6350

Fax: (801) 466-0731


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