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Cloud Services / Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)


Cloud computing is one of the latest IT buzzwords, and our version is specific IaaS. What does it mean for your organization specifically? Imagine never having to house or manage your own servers, manage your applications, or hire and maintain IT management and staff. From Infrastructure, platforms, backup and archiving, application and devices, Grace Global can make your data and applications accessible from anywhere an internet connection exists.


Grace Global can provide a full suite of solutions designed to meet your specific IT needs whatever the size of your organization. Depending on your needs, part or all of your IT infrastructure is housed off-site at a secure location and managed by our team of IT administrators and helpdesk technicians.  Your IT infrastructure is accessed directly via the internet as though the network were located on-site.


Access the network infrastructure best suited for your business needs with the right security, customization and support.





Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Storage

Cloud Infrastructure

Through understanding your organization’s workflow and processes, we design networks, infrastructure, and systems that utilizing virtualization, high-availability, and consolidation. We collaborate with you to streamline your IT requirements to a just-in-time delivery model, meaning resources are supplied as needed instead of an always-on philosophy.



Cloud Backup, Application Hosting & VM Replication


Doing it right the first time and planning strategically saves money from the start. Over time, the savings become significant. Designing networks and systems that are resilient and consolidate applications means you save on licensing, energy costs, downtime, and can grow strategically without investing large sums into new or heavily expanded infrastructure.



Cloud Servers


Keeping up with the latest useful technology as it applies to your organization’s needs could consume hundreds of hours. Grace Global keeps abreast of the latest trends in technology in order to design and implement long-term resilient hardware solutions that embrace new technologies where appropriate and existing technologies as necessary.



Cloud Hosted Office and Exchange 365


With Microsoft Office 365, you can have the latest Office applications on your desktop, enterprise-grade email, and compliance tools for a low monthly fee rather than spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in licensing. Get everything you need to run your business anytime, anywhere. Because Office 365 is powered by the cloud, you can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere. Let Grace Global IT help you with your migration to and management of Office 365.

Cloud Business Continuity


It’s more important than ever to ensure your organization has a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan to protect your mission-critical data and processes in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Even something as simple as a loss of climate control or power can cripple your organization for hours or days. Grace Global Corp provides Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) and business continuity solutions to organizations of all sizes, with the flexibility to architect a Business Continuity Plan for all data tiers.



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