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Infrastructure Consulting and Design.


Looking for a place to start or some guidance for what’s next?  We have over 70 years of combined technological expertise to answer your questions, plan for your long and short-term goals and provide meaningful, cost effective solutions to the most complex IT issues confronting your organization


In the current business environment, connectivity and collaboration are becoming increasingly critical to business performance. Hence, you must continually evaluate your network infrastructure. Your network must not only meet today's business requirements, but also anticipate future needs, all in a cost-effective manner.


The Gartner group estimates that 30% of businesses fail within the first four months after an IT disaster. Periodic audits, reviews, best practices consultation and infrastructure evaluations are the best preventive medicine. Grace Global Corp. consultant offers infrastructure evaluations, plan, design logistics support and maintenance so you don’t have to worry what might happen when your information technology infrastructure volume doubles or exceeds capacity or when relocating to a new building requiring a information technology plan, design, logistics support and maintainace You’re ready and we are here to assist.


Dependence on 24x7 Information


The productivity tools that we surround ourselves with are great until they are unexpectedly absent. Unplanned outages are the bane of most businesses and grow costlier daily. Redundancy of core elements is just a part of the picture. Creating processes for fast recovery, or planning Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery, pursuing off-lining of non-critical applications and users, are daunting challenges. Your staff may not have the time or resources to do this alone. Grace Global Corporation consultants have 14 years of experience building robust, global IT infrastructure for businesses of all sizes: education, government, healthcare and mid / large business.




We tailor our assistance to match your needs, available resources and technical skills. We can help you in just one or in all of these areas to ensure that you reach your business goals in a timely manner and within budget.

  • Audit and codify mission critical business systems, processes, and applications

  • Review IT policies and ownership relating to business application availability and business systems lifecycle.

  • Identify and prioritize dependencies and single points of failure

  • Develop a plan for increasing business computing systems and application availability to users

  • Implement the changes to systems, networks, processes and policies

  • Insist on periodic assessments, critical reviews, and testing of recovery processes


Extended Service

At Grace Global Corp Consulting we have helped many clients improve the availability and performance of their business critical computing systems and applications. We help our clients understand the true costs and implications before they embark on costly changes. We help them leverage their existing infrastructure and resources as much as possible and make knowledge transfer to staff part of our everyday operation. Our strict vendor neutral policy ensures that we provide the most cost-effective solution for you.


Our Phased Approach

  • Core infrastructure design and review

  • Network, Wireless, Security Appliance, Virtualized Systems

  • Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets, Workstations, Servers, Storage Servers, Applications

  • Performance analysis

  • Interviewing your key IT staff and business managers on site to determine your business and technology requirements

  • Determine, evaluate and provide a pictoral and topographic detail road map, including your current network design, connectivity, information technology, desktop / notebook server etc. configuration, network applications, security control procedures.

  • Address any shotcomings in the existing network design

  • Determine ways to advance your network infrastructure according to the following considerations:

    • Reduce cost by ensuring that your existing equipment will be used as much as possible

    • Balance the requirement of your users and their applications along with those of your business objectives.

    • Select the appropriate information technologies and standards.

    • Consider performance, reliability, availability and security needs.

  • Assist your key information technology staff, business managers and executives in deciding on the final design and logistic support.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Tools and steps to becoming compliant

  • Secure site-to-site and remote access

  • Data center / Cloud computing creation, implementation and preparation for mission critical operations and Ecommerce

  • Custom-tailor alerting and monitoring

  • Preparing for major business applications such as student applications, ERP, CRM and VoIP etc.

  • Investigation of unplanned outages

  • Implement change management

  • Educate executive management

  • Train technical staff


Improving and Implementing Security Services

  • Develop a Security Policy and assign  a Chief Information Security Officer

  • Audit and evaluate your data and content assets

  • Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery planning

  • Perform a Vulnerability Assessment and a Risk Assessment

  • Operating System, Applications, Networks

  • IDS, Firewalls, VPNs, DoS

  • Physical Security Systems

  • Develop a plan for eliminating the vulnerabilities and managing the risks

  • System break-in

  • Virus, Malware and worm outbreaks

  • Personnel issues

  • Forensic analysis and post-mortem

  • Implement changes to systems, networks, policies and processes

  • Institute security awareness training for all employees

  • Perform a final assessment and implement an ongoing logistics support, maintenance and review cycle


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