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Grace Foundation Corp.


The Grace Foundation is the 501(c)(3) philanthropic foundation for Grace Global Corporation and a separate legal entity. It was founded in 2001 and makes monetary and in kind contributions to eligible nonprofit organizations around the world to help people and communities realize and utilize their greatest asset - - -the capacity for Self-Inquiry.  Grace Foundation’s giving also focuses on improving lifelong learning for individuals and eligible nonprofit organizations by providing technology-related computing systems and skills through collaborative community-based technology and Grace Foundation Learning Center.The Grace Foundation provides three types of grants, global grants, national grants and community grants to charitable organizations that are committed to ideals consistent with its interests.  Grace sites around the world contribute funding, computing systems and employee time to local nonprofit organizations.


The scope of the Foundation is centered in the following areas:  To enhance education in science, increase the use of technology in community schools, and develop a future work force that represents the diversity of operating global communities,grants and donated computing systems, supports curriculum development that involves math, science, and technology. Contribution programs are guided by four major objectives: advance education in math, science, and engineering; promote the entrance of women and under-represented minorities into careers in science and engineering; promote public understanding of technology and its impact on contemporary life; promoting and encouraging environmental stewardship (the Grace Foundation has a strong commitment to the natural world and a sustainable human environment). The Foundation supports nature education, pressing challenges facing humanity today with its global climate change issues, environmental protection / advocacy, the acquisition and preservation of open space and the improvement of quality of life in communities where Grace has a major facility.


The Grace Foundation gives preference to programs which have a direct and substantial human as well as environmental benefit over funding of capital campaigns or ordinary operations and focuses their resources upon projects that serve our world community.


Grace Foundation Founder:

Ogedi Adigwe: Chairman / CEO

CORPORATE AFFILIATION: CEO / Chairman: Grace Global Corp.


Grace Foundation Officials:

Gerri Jelaco: Treasury.



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